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Distillery Wigle Whiskey
Spirit StyleAmaro
Base IngredientsApple brandy distilled from local ciders
ProcessingCider is macerated with saffron, juniper, spearmint, gentian, bitter orange, orange, chamomile, vanilla, fennel seed, and sweetened with sugar for 5-7 days
FermentationPitched yeast to ferment the apple cider
Still TypePot-column Hybrid
Still SizeTwo German alembic pot stills (Christian Carl); One 650L (w/offset 5 tray recifying column and botanical basket) and one 950
DistillerAlex Grelli
DistillationDouble distillation
FinishingBotanicals are removed and pressed, then sugar and gum arabic are added to sweeten and add texture to the amaro.
FiltrationCoarse coffee filter; un-chillfiltered
% Alcohol40%
Item NoLQ2634-NV
Country United States
Region Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Saffron Amaro

This rich tradition is featured prominently in Wigle’s take on Amaro, a popular Italian herbal liqueur. To make Saffron Amaro, a mash of regionally grown apples is distilled into apple brandy and the spirit is infused with a complex blend of 12 botanicals including saffron, orange peel, and chamomile.


When the Pennsylvania Dutch came to the United States from Europe they brought a tradition of growing saffron, a popular spice often associated with Mediterranean cooking.