Weingut May Weingut May Weingut May "VDP Ortswein" Silvaner Trocken 2012 Download PDF

Winery Weingut May
Farming Practicespracticing organic
Soilsshell limestone
Hectares/Acresyeild 50hl/ha
Harvest Techniqueprogressive picking by hand
Fermentation16 hours of maceration / pressed and racked to stainless steel tanks for a controlled, slow fermentation
Alcohol12.5% // RS 2.0 g/l // TA 6.4 g/l
Item NoG0501-12
Bottle Case12
Country Germany
Region Franken
Weingut May

Located in Retzstadt, Franconia, and surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees, the Weingut May winery (built in 1999) is where the family lives and works.  With 13ha of estate vineyards, some of which have been in the family for over 300 years ago, the Mays farm along the river Main where the land is divided into three different parts.  To the west of this main-triangle there is red sandstone, and to the east in the Steigerwald the soils are made of Keuper, or marl and limestone.  In the middle of the triangle, the soils consist of a delicate shell limestone, or Wellenkalk, for which the region is known.

At this family run winery, Rudolf and Petra May and their three children handle all aspects of operation, from grape growing to winemaking, and from bottling to sales and marketing. In the vineyard, all work is done by hand and the use of insecticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers is banned.

In the cellar, Rudolf May leaves the wine to express its own best characteristics, employing natural yeast and gravity winemaking in lieu of pumping.  "Our purpose is not to create 'blockbuster' wines," writes May.  "We want authentic wines that show their terroir."