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Distillery Walcher
Spirit StyleLiqueur
Base IngredientsOrganic neutral wheat spirit, organic bitter almonds, organic Madagascar vanilla beans, organic Peruvian cocoa, and organic orange extract.
ProcessingBotanicals macerate for a month in an organic neutral wheat spirit. After straining, organic cane sugar is added to sweeten the liqueur.
Still TypeCopper pot still
DistillerTheodor and Matthias Walcher
DistillationDistillation using the waterbath or "bain marie" method
% Alcohol28
Production4,000 cases/year
Item NoLQ3401-NV
Country Italy
Region Alto Adige
Walcher Amaretto

Walcher’s organic brandies depend on the quality of the raw materials used to produce them. All of the fruit can be traced back to the original fruit tree, and is stored for as short a time possible. The waterbath, or double boiler, method of distillation guarantees that the valuable essences and flavors of the fruit are preserved in the final spirit. The resulting alcoholic beverages thus retain their aromatic character and taste.

For the Walcher Amaretto, organic neutral wheat spirits is macerated with organic bitter almonds, Madagascar vanilla beans, Peruvian cocoa, and orange extract. The botanicals are strained after a month, then organic cane sugar is added to sweeten the liqueur.