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Spirit StyleVodka
Base IngredientsNY neutral grain sprit
Still Typesingle column
Still Size56 L glass and stainless steel fractional reflux column still (built on site)
Distillerrun by Zac Bruner and Ronak Parikh
Distillationsingle distillation in fractional reflux still
% Alcohol95.6%
Item NoLQ501
Country United States
Region New York, New York
Sub-region Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Technical Reserve

Industry City Distillery is a project of The City Foundry and shares a 12,000 sq/ft space in Brooklyn’s Industry City with the research, development and support systems the Foundry provides. Not many distilleries have a laboratory, a machine shop, or a letterpress studio, but this operation wouldn’t exist without them.

Industry Standard is made from sugar beets grown and processed in the United States and fermented with yeast cultivated in ICD’s on-site lab. They developed computer controlled glass and stainless steel bioreactors to allow them to ferment many times faster and with better control than traditional tanks - this keeps the yeast happy and ensures a clean and complete fermentation.

The fermented product is run through a high-efficiency steam-powered stripping still and then a fractional reflux still, both of ICD’s own design and built on-site. While traditional distillation is broken into 3 “cuts” (the heads, hearts and tails) their fractional still allows them to separate alcohols by extremely minute differences in boiling point. To take advantage of this incredible precision, they collect 40 distinct cuts. This collection of unique flavors, textures, and smells are laid out and experienced by tasting and smelling them one by one. From sweet to spicy, biting to luscious; each is graded and then the determination is made which to blend into a final batch of Industry Standard.

Industry Standard Vodka boasts a flavor profile as unique as the process used to make it. The nose hints at subtle fruits, with layered complexity beneath. On tasting, light florals open up into a warm, smooth flavor and rich texture, and finish with delicious fruit notes, hints of vanilla, and a touch of spice.