Subject To Change Wine Co. Coastview Subject To Change Wine Co. Coastview Subject To Change Wine Co. Coastview "Cuvée 831" 2017 Download PDF

Winery Subject To Change Wine Co.
Varieties2 tons of Pinot Noir and 1 ton of Chardonnay
Farming Practicesorganic
Soilsthin, low-vigor topsoil / layers of decomposed granite and limestone
Trellis systemGuyot
Hectares/Acres30 acres total
Altitude2,300-2,400 ft
Harvest Techniqueby and at 22.5 Brix
Year Vines Were Plantedearly 1990's
FermentationPinot Noir is partially destemmed / Chardonnay is whole-cluster pressed / conferment of Pinot and Chardonnay / pigeage and pumpovers for 55 days
Maturation10 months in neutral French oak
Sulfurnone added
Item NoT0950-17
Bottle Case12
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Mendocino
Subject To Change Wine Co. Coastview

“This wine was inspired by Julien Guillot’s Cuvée 910 – which is a conferment of Pinot, Gamay and Chardonnay from the Maconnais in Southern Burgundy. We thought Coastview Vineyard would be an excellent site to try our hand at something similar so we co-fermented 2 tons of Pinot with 1 ton of Chardonnay and the results were truly provoking.”

winemaker’s notes