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Distillery Mezcalero Mezcal
Spirit StyleMezcal
Base Ingredients100% semi-wild Dobadaan (agave rhodacantha) harvested from a south-facing slope called La Loma de la Mojonera
ProcessingThe agave are roasted in a stone conical oven that is heated by red oak fire, then milled in an electric shredder
FermentationOpen top fermented with wild yeast
Still TypePot
Still Size250 L copper pot still
DistillerDon Valente Ángel García Juárez
DistillationDouble Distillation
MaturationRested three years in tank
% Alcohol47.4%
Production736 bottles (single distillate run)
Item NoLQ1102-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Sub-region Bramaderos, Miahuatlán
Special Bottling #2 Blanco