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Distillery High Wire Distilling Co.
Spirit StyleLiqueur
Base IngredientsNeutral Grain Spirit made from 100% corn, Charleston black tea, yaupon holly, dancy tangerine, mint
FermentationNo fermentation, but an extended staggered maceration of botanicals in nuetral grain spirit
Still TypePot-Column Hybrid
Still Size2,000 L copper hybrid still (Kothe)
DistillerScott Blackwell
FiltrationLight filtration prior to bottling
% Alcohol30.0%
Item NoLQ2105-NV
Country United States
Region South Carolina
Sub-region Charleston
Southern Amaro Liqueur

The Southern Amaro, made with local botanicals, is a product that is completely unique to Charleston, SC. When conceptualizing their bitter liqueur, Scott and Anne wanted the flavor profile to be steeped in the Southern tradition of sweet tea. Botanicals include Charleston black tea, fresh Dancy tangerine, locally foraged mint, and Yaupon Holly (North America's only naturally caffeinated plant).