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Distillery Far North Spirits
Spirit StyleGin
Base IngredientsAC Hazlet winter rye (non-GMO), planted and harvested by distiller; juniper, grapefruit peel, fresh thyme, coriander seed, cucumber, angelica root, orris root, gentian root and lavender
ProcessingThe grains are milled and mashed on site
FermentationOpen top fermented with house yeast
Still TypePot-Column Hybrid
Still SizeTwo copper hybrid stills: 1,900 L and 190 L (Vendome)
DistillerMichael Swanson
DistillationRye wash is double distilled to 191-proof; botanicals are then mascerated and redistilled
% Alcohol43.5%
Production1,500 cases
Item NoLQ1400-NV
Country United States
Region Minnesota
Solveig Gin Solveig Gin Solveig Gin

Made with AC Hazlet Winter Rye harvested from the family farm. Working with a 500-gallon custom-made copper-pot still, Mike and Cheri distill their own spirit down to 350 gallons of hearts for the base. This is then re-distilled with each of the eight botanicals.


"Flawless Purity..." ★★★★/Highly Recommended.
— F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal
"Among my favorite discoveries of the year." ★★★★1/2
— Aaron Knoll, The Gin Is In