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Spirit StyleBrandy
Base IngredientsPinot Noir, Colombard & Semillon, grown in Medocino County
ProcessingGrapes are picked at 18-20 Brix then trucked to one of three local wineries where they are bladder pressed off the skins
FermentationEach grape variety is temperature-controlled fermented separately
Still TypePot
Still Size1,600 L copper pot still; direct flame heated
DistillerJoe Corley
DistillationDouble Distillation
CooperageUsed French oak from Limousin
MaturationAverage age of about 15 years
FinishingBlended and proofed by 5-10% ABV with filtered rainwater once/year depending on the evolution of the eaux-de-vie
FiltrationCold stabilized and polish filtered
% Alcohol40.0%
ProductionAbout 350 cases/batch
Item NoLQ802-NV
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Ukiah, Mendocino County
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