Sartarelli Sartarelli Sartarelli "Classico" Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Download PDF

Winery Sartarelli
Farming Practicessustainable / low yield, low spray
Soilsmedium-textured and also slightly calcareous
Trellis systemGuyot
Hectares/Acres31 ha. / 3,000 vines per ha. / 12 tons per ha.
ExposureE, S, & SW
Harvest Techniqueby hand / 2-3 passes in second week of September
Year Vines Were Planted1985
Fermentationhorizontal press to tank / temperature-controlled stainless steel fermentation at 18°C
Sulfur90-100 mg/L total SO2
Item NoIT435
Bottle Case12
Country Italy
Region Marche
Sub-region Castelli di Jesi
Sartarelli Sartarelli

“The success of this product is due to our grapes which are softly pressed and to the continuous temperature control during the fermentation process. Its straw yellow color with greenish reflections emphasizes the quality of the grapes as well as the delicate techniques used during all the working phases. On the nose it expresses immediately the vineyard and the land with fruity and grassy notes. This is the typical expression of Verdicchio wine, easy to drink, with character in the alcohol content and youth in the acidity’s freshness. Our yearly production of this wine is of about 200,000 bottles.”

– Winemaker’s notes

The Sartarelli family has dedicated themselves to the historical preservation of Verdicchio in Castelli di Jesi and thereby elevated the future of Verdicchio to levels of sophistication, versatility, and quality that few can compete with. For over forty years, the family has excelled in the region and eventually decided to devote their energy to a single variety—and if one needs proof of their unwavering pursuit, one needs look no further than the Museo Sartarelli that traces the history of Verdicchio to its origins based on the scholarship of historian Professor Riccardo Ceccarelli. And when one witnesses Sartarelli’s environmental stewardship of their vineyards, one realizes that the family’s motto in Verdicchio Veritas is just as much an oath to the region of Castelli di Jesi as it is to the grape that has made the region.

Sartarelli’s vineyards are devoted exclusively to Verdicchio. Their vineyard team hones viticultural practices, clonal selection, vegetative propagation of the ancient vines, and harvesting in stages to draw out the multifaceted quality of Verdicchio. Each wine that Sartarelli produces is born in the process, guided by choices towards producing one out of five versions: Brut, Classico, Tralivio, Balciana, and Passito. The process in the cellar during vinification is just as focused using timing and technique. As lots come in, they are softly pressed in a horizontal membrane press and settled. Fermentation then moves slowly at 18°C. Lees contact can range from 15 to 20 days. Periodic bottling and blending of these lots continues until the next harvest, and each wine from the vintage proceeds towards their final form.