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Distillery Alipus Mezcal
Spirit StyleMezcal
Base Ingredients100% agave Espadín grown at 4000 feet ASL in steep and sandy soils
ProcessingAgave is wood-roasted in conical hornos and crushed in a mule-drive tahona
FermentationFermented on milled solids in pine tanks
Still TypeDirect flame-heated copper pot stills
DistillerDon Baltazar Cruz Gómez (since 2013)
DistillationDouble discontinuous distillation
% Alcohol47.8%
Production7,300 liters/year
Item NoLQ8201-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
San Luís del Río

Don Baltazar Cruz, married to Doña Lupita, and their children work at his palenque in San Luis del Río, Tlacolula, Oaxaca. This soil is non-uniform in its structure, owing to oxidation, and is favorable for agriculture when fertilized properly.