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Distillery Wigle Whiskey
Spirit StyleRTD Cocktail
Base IngredientsWigle Dutch-Style Gin, Wigle Saffron Amaro, and Wigle Amaro Vermut
Still TypePot-column hybrid
Still SizeTwo Christian Carl alembic pot stills; one 650L (w/offset 5 tray rectifying column and botanical basket) and one 950L
DistillerAlex Grelli
FiltrationCoarse coffee filter; non-chill filtered
% Alcohol33%
Item NoLQ2635-NV
Country United States
Region Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Saffron Negroni

The Negroni was perhaps the original bottled cocktail, produced as a ready-to-drink offering as early as 1919. Wigle’s take on this classic cocktail comes in at 30% alcohol and combines 3 Wigle spirits; Wigle Saffron Amaro, Wigle Dutch-style Gin, and Wigle Amaro Vermut, a Sweet Vermouth. The flavor profile of saffron runs through Wigle’s Negroni. The Wigle team was inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch who brought crocus bulbs, from which they harvested saffron, when they first settled in Pennsylvania.


Awarded BEST IN CLASS Specialty Spirit by the American Craft Spirits Association.