Roknar Rye Whiskey Roknar Rye Whiskey Roknar Rye Whiskey Print Sheet

Distillery Far North Spirits
Spirit StyleWhiskey
Base Ingredients80% AC Hazlet Winter Rye (non-GMO), 10% heirloom corn, 10% malted barley, planted and harvested by distiller
ProcessingThe grains are milled and mashed on site
FermentationOpen top fermented with house yeast
Still TypePot-Column Hybrid
Still SizeTwo copper hybrid stills: 1,900 L and 190 L (Vendome)
DistillerMichael Swanson
CooperageNew 10G and 15G oak barrels; Used olorosso sherry and cognac barrels
MaturationAged 1 year in new small barrels; finished in sherry and cognac casks
% Alcohol47.5%
Item NoIT1403-NV
Country United States
Region Minnesota
Roknar Rye Whiskey Roknar Rye Whiskey

The Scandinavian name Roknar means Warrior from the gods in ancient Norse.  While the legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok may or may not have actually existed, his reputation throughout Europe as a hero and true bad-ass seems to endure nonetheless.