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Winery Robert Sinskey Vineyards
Varieties100% Pinot Noir (heirloom and French clones)
Farming Practicescertified CCOF organic grapes / practicing biodynamic
Soilsclay and volcanic soil
Hectares/Acres50 acres
Harvest Techniquehand harvested at night / selecting from 32 distinct microclimate sections
Yeastambient for most lots / cultured yeast for those slow to start
Fermentationdestemmed and sent to either open-top fermenters with hand punch-downs or to steel tanks with cap irrigations / barreled down once dry
MaturationFrench oak barrels / 30% new and up to 3rd vintage oak barrels for 12 months
Item NoT06482
Bottle Case6
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Napa Valley
Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir

“The Four Vineyards Pinot Noir is a romantic vision. Culled from RSV’s four organic vineyards on the Napa Valley side of the Carneros, these vineyards are planted with “heirloom” massale selections of Pinot Noir that have been refined by trial and error over the last thirty years. These heirlooms, in combination with late ripening French clones, provide the palette to create an elegant, balanced, and ethereal Pinot Noir.” More at