Robert Sinskey Robert Sinskey Robert Sinskey "Los Carneros" Pinot Noir Download PDF

Winery Robert Sinskey Vineyards
VarietiesPinot Noir
Farming Practicesorganic grapes / practicing biodynamic
Soilsstony, clay soils / some sites high in iron
Harvest Techniquenight harvest by hand / block by block
Year Vines Were Planted2002
Yeastambient, feral yeasts
Fermentationdestemmed immediately upon arrival and transferred to open-top fermenters / fermented in 32 lots / barreled-down once dry
Maturation10 months in French oak
Item NoT0650-13
Bottle Case12
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Napa Valley
Robert Sinskey

Stunningly beautiful aromatics of tart cherry and fraises du bois. This wine is deceptive on first taste, seemingly light-bodied yet emboldened with incredible depth and length wrapped around a rich mid-palate. Lush red fruits (cranberry, raspberry, cherry) baking spice, orange zest and tea. Elegant with bright, mouth watering acidity and supple tannin, this wine screams for company and a great meal.

RSV's five different organically farmed vineyards in the Carneros region produced impeccable fruit from both heirloom selections and French clones. The well-paced harvest season allowed time to pick each block within each vineyard at optimal flavor development while maintaining bright acidity. Each block was harvested at night and brought into the cellar at dawn. Destemmed, it either went into small, open top fermenters and hand punched or into stainless steel tanks and cap irrigated. Most lots fermented on ferrel yeast. Once each lot achieved dryness, it was put to bed in new to three year old French oak barrels and aged in the RSV caves for one year before bottling.