Red Newt Red Newt Red Newt "Circle" Riesling Download PDF

Winery Red Newt Cellars
Farming Practicesmanicured vineyard with meticulous pruning, hedging, thinning, mowing and weeding / 8% of fruit is dropped before ripening
Soilsdecomposed sandstone
Trellis systemGuyot
Harvest Techniquemechanical harvest on Oct 19 at 19 Brix
Fermentationeach lot is crushed and destemmed with minimal SO2 / returned to welch bins for overnight cold soak / pressed to tank / settled 72 hours / bentonite treated for stability / partially racked off lees / light lees and remaining must was filtered and added back to clear must / spontaneous fermentation / fermentation halted with cold after 2 months
Maturation7 months in stainless steel on lees
Sulfursmall amount added at crushing
Alcohol9.1% ABV / RS 3.1%
Item NoNY307
Bottle Case12
Country United States
Region New York State
Sub-region Finger Lakes
Red Newt Red Newt

“Circle Riesling is meant to be a quintessential example of Finger Lakes Riesling; a touch of residual sugar to bring out the rich orchard fruit flavors without overwhelming the lemon zest and citrus that make it crisp and refreshing to drink. The overall wine is easy to drink, but made with as much seriousness and as many individual layers as any Riesling that Red Newt release. The philosophy is simple; a crowd-pleasing wine should still be multifaceted.” More at