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Distillery Pisco LOGIA
Spirit StylePisco
Base Ingredients100% Quebranta
ProcessingCrushed by foot followed by light mechanical extraction
FermentationSpontaneous fermentation at ambient temperature
Still TypeCopper pot still
Still Size300L
DistillerNati Gordillo
DistillationSingle distillation to proof
MaturationRested in a neutral vessel for 6 months
% Alcohol41.8%
Item NoLQ6001-NV
Country Peru
Region Mala River Valley
Sub-region Azpitia
Pisco Logia Puro Quebranta

The Pisco Puro Quebranta is a single varietal Pisco made from the non-aromatic Quebranta grape, a cross between the Criolla and Mollar varietals brought over from Spain in the 1500s.