Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano Download PDF

Distillery Cinco Sentidos
Spirit StyleAgave Distillate
Base IngredientsEspadilla (Agave angustifolia)
ProcessingCooked in hornos
FermentationSpontaneous fermentation in tanks
Still TypeHybrid Filipino still with a boiling chamber made of clay and a hollowed-out tree trunk serving as the condenser
DistillerMarcelo Luna
DistillationDouble, with cooked chicken and mole sauce added to the ordinario in the second distillation
% Alcohol48.2%
Production250 bottles
Item NoLQ4000-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano

Marcelo Luna works alongside his son Leonardo in the communtiy of Zoyatla, Puebla.  Marcelo distills through a hybrid Filipino still: the boiling chamber is made of clay, the condenser a hollowed-out tree trunk covered with a clay top.  The condensed vapors then pass through a copper coil housed in a stainless steel pot where they further condense.

In the second distillation of Pechuga de Mole Poblano, Marcelo adds cooked chicken and mole poblano to an already distilled batch of agave Espadilla (A. Angustifolia).  This gives the spirit a savory aroma, and the unmistakable flavor of mole in the form of an oily-textured spirit.