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Distillery Wigle Whiskey
Spirit StyleAbsinthe
Base IngredientsOrganic local wheat; organic wormwood, fennel, mint, orange peel, and star anise
ProcessingThe grains are milled on sight
FermentationTemperature-controlled fermentation for approximately four days
Still TypePot-Column Hybrid
Still SizeTwo German alembic pot stills (Christian Carl); One 650L (w/offset 5 tray rectifying column and botanical basket) and one 950L
DistillerAlex Grelli
DistillationBase spirit distilled with offset rectifying column; botanicals are macerated for a week and then re-distilled
FiltrationCoarse coffee filter; non-chill filtered
% Alcohol62.1%
Item NoLQ2607-NV
Country United States
Region Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sub-region Pittsburgh
Organic Absent Minded Absinthe