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Winery Nomikai
VarietiesMerlot, Mourvedre and other red varieties
Farming Practicesconventional
Item NoT0281-NV
Bottle Case24
Country United States
Region California
Nomikai California Red

Nomikai is a Japanese word for “Drinking Party.” Nomikai in Japan are organized drinking parties with colleagues or friends. The goal of Nomikai was to create something portable and tasty so Nomikai could be enjoyed anywhere as long as it is in the company of friends. The 187ml aluminum can is 99.99% recyclable and plastic is 98% post consumer. Nomikai Red, a Merlot blend, was added to the lineup in early 2018.

"Nomikai was born three years ago in the desert when I wanted a good rose to pair with watching the sunset with friends. We created Nomikai as a portable rose that winemakers, Megan and Ryan Glaab, and I would be proud to have with our friends.

I grew up going to National Parks so sustainability was always important. Aluminum cans are one of the most sustainable packaging materials available with nearly infinite recyclability and a fraction of the carbon footprint from transportation.

Even the handles are made from Post-Consumer Recycled material and are 100% Recyclable."

— Connor Drexler