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Winery Weingut Neiss
VarietiesPinot Noir
Farming Practicessustainable
Soilslimestone rich
Hectares/Acres3 ha
Harvest Techniqueby hand
Year Vines Were Plantedmid-1990's
Fermentationin neutral oak casks
Item NoG0201
Bottle Case12
Country Germany
Region Pfalz
Neiss Spatburgunder Bockenheim

In 1959, Ludi Neiss and his wife Christine were farmers with a winery.  In the 1970's, they converted all of their holdings to viticulture, and in 1997, their son Axel Neiss took over.  A fifth-generation winemaker, Axel modernized the family's wine estate.  The existing wines were replaced by classical grape varieties and the estate was increased in size to incorporate some of the best sites in the region. Redeveloping the labels and the image of the estate, Axel changed the work methods in both the vineyards and cellars.

Located in the commune of Kindenheim, in the winegrowing region of Pfalz (or Palatinate), the vineyard areas total 17 hectares with holdings in the following sites: Burgweg, Frafenstuck, Vogelsang, Heiligenkirche, Schlossberg and Sonnenberg.  In this northern-most cool-climate region, vines grow deep roots in mineral-rich soils, with large amounts of chalk. Half of the family's vineyards are planted with white variteals and the other half with red.

Axel Neiss' course of action is driven by his pursuit of perfection. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, he utilizes the sustainable, integrated practices as prescribed by “Kontrolliert umweltschonender Weinbau Rheinland - Pfalz”. The estate is also a member of Die junge Pfalz association.