Montelvini (SlimKeg) Chiarorosa Rosé KEG Montelvini (SlimKeg) Chiarorosa Rosé KEG Montelvini (SlimKeg) Chiarorosa Rosé KEG Download PDF

Winery Montelvini
VarietiesMerlot and Glera
Farming Practicestraditional
Harvest Techniquemechanical and by hand
Fermentationfollowing a light maceration, must ferments in temperature-controlled stainless steel
Maturation3 months on lees after fermentation / 4-6 weeks in keg before release
Sulfurlow additions
Item NoKIT114-NV
Bottle Case1
Country Italy
Montelvini (SlimKeg) Chiarorosa Rosé KEG Montelvini (SlimKeg) Chiarorosa Rosé KEG

Montelvini is based in the village of Venegazzu in Veneto region: in the Doc's of Montello and Colli Asolani. This region is particularly suited for wine-growing, and is well-known all over the world for wines of the highest standards. Prosecco D.O.C. is among the most ancient wines and has had many historical admirers since as early as Roman times. The history of the wine is well-known, and it is typical of the typical of the Treviso pre-Alpine hills. The cluster is large, long, sparse and winged, with golden yellow grapes.

The Montelvini family of producers and winemakers owe their 130 year heritage to the respect they hold for their alliance with the land and the growers. And so they continue to treat their vineyards with respect and restraint. Montelvini holds to the same fundamentals and ethical principles year after year to ensure the future of the growers and the Montelvini brand. However, they never forego opportunities to improve techniques as a reaffirmation of their high standards for quality and excellence.

Montelvini has made a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of their products, and to improve upon their past experiences with exporting and retrieving steel kegs. In 2010, Montelvini started using the disposable/recyclable keg. The first Keg releases were a cardboard exterior that resembled a steel keg and contained a PET hard plastic ball with an interior bladder that holds 20 liters (or 26.6 bottles) of wine. This then evolved to the KeyKeg SlimLine with a thinner profile and ease of use that outcompetes heavy steel kegs. The KeyKeg’s recyclable parts are just as eco-friendly as are the lightweight kegs that do not require a deposit, do not have to be returned and are environmentally and cost-effective to transport. Once the keg is empty (say goodbye to half bottles remaining at the end of the night), it doesn't require storage before it’s returned. One simply releases the pressure using the red venting cap and instruction cards provided to you, and the plastic softens so that it can be flattened and recycled