Batch #17 Mezcal Blanco Batch #17 Mezcal Blanco Batch #17 Mezcal Blanco Print Sheet

Distillery Mezcalero Mezcal
Spirit StyleMezcal
Base IngredientsWild Lumbre and cultivated Espadin (agave angustifolia)
ProcessingThe agave are roasted in a stone conical oven heated by mesquite fire, then milled by horse drawn tahona
FermentationOpen top fermented withj wild yeast for 5-7 days in low and wide 2400 liter pine wood vats
Still TypePot
Still Size250 L copper pot still
DistillerCirilo Hernandez
DistillationDouble distilled
MaturationAged for 1 year in glass before bottling
% Alcohol48.0%
ProductionOnly 1,004 bottles produced (single distillate run)
Item NoLQ1100-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Sub-region San Baltazar Guélavila
Batch #17 Mezcal Blanco

A field blend of Agave de Lumbre and Espadin distilled by Cirilo Hernandez in San Baltazar Geulavia (southeast of Santiago Matatlan).  Agave de Lumbre is a rare wild variety endemic to Guelavia.  Although it is often considered part of the Karwinskii family, due to its trunk-like shape, the majority of the mezcal community claims this as a unique species.  The agave are harvested from hilly, rocky white soils 1600 m in elevation.