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Winery Matthiasson
Farming PracticesCCOF certified organic
Soilsvolcanic with varying amounts of clay and gravel
Trellis systemguyot
Harvest Techniquehand harvested in small lots at various times during the ripening period
Year Vines Were Plantedvaried
Fermentationwhole-cluster press / barrel fermentation without battonage or racking
Malolactictwo-fifths of the barrels go through malolactic fermentation
Maturationbarrel aged in French oak barrels
Item NoT029104
Bottle Case12
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Napa Valley
Mathiasson Village Chardonnay

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An old-fashioned glass of Chardonnay is a wonderful thing. The kind of Chardonnay that Julia Child drank back in the day while cooking. A refreshing and flavorful wine to enjoy before dinner, during the meal, and afterwards while lingering at the table. Wine from back in the days before oak and butter were a thing, when Chardonnay tasted like wine made just from grapes, with bright flavors of apples, citrus, and peach, not too heavy, but enough weight that you knew you are drinking a really nice glass of wine.

We blended a “table Chardonnay” from delicious lots of our wine that didn’t quite make it into our Matthiasson Linda Vista Vineyard Chardonnay along with younger vine fruit from an adjacent vineyard. All of the fruit was farmed by us, and is from CCOF certified organic vineyards.

For complexity, completeness, and balance, we achieve a diversity of ripeness by using the traditional method of harvesting the fruit a number of different times during the ripening period. The earlier harvests contribute acidity and minerality, and the later harvests contribute flesh and richness. We whole-cluster press all of the grapes, then ferment and age the wine in seasoned French oak barrels, with only native yeast. No battonage (lees stirring) or racking. We allow two-fifths of the barrels to go through malo-lactic fermentation.

Golden Delicious apples, Meyer lemon, and yellow peaches on the nose and through to the palate. The medium acidity is balanced by pleasant fleshiness, finishing very clean with a hint of minerality. Refreshing and with moderate alcohol, this wine is all about pleasure, begging to be drunk up, with some oysters or a roast chicken and a big smile.