Manzanita Espadín Mezcal Manzanita Espadín Mezcal Manzanita Espadín Mezcal Print Sheet

Spirit StyleMezcal
Base IngredientsEstate-grown certified organic Espadin (agave angustifolia); organic heirloom apples indiginous to Oaxaca
ProcessingThe agave are roasted in an earthen conical oven that is heated by a black oak fire for three to five days, then tahona milled
FermentationOpen top fermented in 300 gallon pine vats with wild yeast for one to two weeks
Still TypePot
Still Size300 L copper pot still; direct flame heated
DistillerAlberto Morales Méndez
DistillationDouble Distillation
FiltrationPolyethersulfone (PES) Membrane
% Alcohol45.0%
ProductionSpecial Release: 400 bottles
Item NoLQ1908-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Sub-region San Dionisio Ocotepec
Manzanita Espadín Mezcal