Maison Surrenne Borderies Cognac (Distillerie Galtaud) Maison Surrenne Borderies Cognac (Distillerie Galtaud) Maison Surrenne Borderies Cognac (Distillerie Galtaud) Download PDF

Distillery Maison Surrenne
Spirit StyleCognac
Base IngredientsUgni Blanc - 100% Borderies from Distilerie Galtaud
FermentationThe pressed juice spontaneously ferments in concrete tanks for two to three weeks
Still TypeSmall copper pot stills (alambique charentais
CooperageLimousin oak casks
FinishingCognacs from various barrels are combined and rested in large vertical oak tanks, then proofed with purified water
% Alcohol40%
Item NoLQ8001-NV
Country France
Region Cognac
Sub-region Jarnac
Maison Surrenne Borderies Cognac (Distillerie Galtaud)

This is 100% Borderies from Galtaud, a facility founded in 1800 in the commune of Mainx. The tiny Borderies district (home of the Surrenne Distillerie Galtauld) contains clay soils deposited in ancient times by the Charente river. These heavier soils impart substance to distillates. Borderies cognacs are typically used to give body to more delicate blends. Many plantings have a southern exposure, so that the best Borderies grapes are known for their rich fruitiness. Cognacs from the Borderies do not require extensive aging but good ones respond well to extended time in oak.