Mahu Sauvignon Blanc Maule Valley 2017 Mahu Sauvignon Blanc Maule Valley 2017 Mahu Sauvignon Blanc Maule Valley 2017 Download PDF

Winery Casa Julia Estate
VarietiesSauvignon Blanc
Farming Practicessustainable
Soilscalcareous clay and sand with alluvial deposits
Harvest Techniquehand harvested
Yeastselected natural
Fermentationtemperature controlled
Item NoCH220-17
Bottle Case12
Country Chile
Region Central Valley
Sub-region Maule Valley
Mahu Sauvignon Blanc Maule Valley 2017

Mahu was born because of winemaker Pablo Morandé’s efforts to achieve recognition for each appellation in Chile.  These are value driven wines from one of the most talented winemakers in South America. The Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the Casablanca Valley, where the soils allow for the distinct minerality and structure in this wine.

Pablo Morandé is one of the fathers of winemaking in Chile. His influence has transformed the plantings in the Maipo Valley to be revered and respected around the world. Pablo is rooted in the history of Chilean wine production: being one of the leaders of the team making wines at Concha y Toro, a very well-known Chilean vineyard, and responsible for the release of the critically acclaimed Concha y Toro Melchor (a wine may credit as the benchmark release for Chilean wines around the world)

Pablo has been a pioneer in the numerous and progressive advances made recently in the production of Chilean wines. He was the first wine-producer to plant grapes in the Casablanca Valley - now one of the most prestigious Chilean valley appellations, with a climate and growing conditions similar to Sonoma County in California. In 1982 he planted his first vines in the Valley. He was the first and only vigneron to farm this land for the next 4 years. Today the valley has over 4,000 hectares of vines. Many wineries in the country followed Pablo´s lead, and now produce some of their best wines from the Casablanca Valley.