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Winery Villa Guelpa / Longitudine8
Varieties80% Nebbiolo / 20% Pinot Noir
Farming PracticesLutte Raisonnée
SoilsMorainic deposits with a reddish-yellow, pebbly topsoil
Trellis systemGuyot
Hectares/Acres1.6 ha.
Harvest Techniqueby hand into small crates during the first half of September
Year Vines Were Planted1980
Fermentationdestemmed and gently pressed / spontaneous fermentation
Malolacticfull malolactic
Maturationnine months in cement vats and additional time in bottle
Sulfuradded at bottling
Item NoIT2182
Bottle Case6
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Sub-region Alto Piemonte
Longitudine8 11 Rosé

Villa Guelpa is a winemaking project inspired by the variety of terroirs across northern Piemonte. The Longitudine8 wines embraces how the region’s variety of soils produces distinct Nebbiolo wines even when the vineyard plots are separated by just a few meters. Villa Guelpa’s four hectares of vineyards range from the alluvial shingle soils of the hilly Salussola and Dorzano vineyards to the ancient sands of Mottalciata and the volcanic soils of Bramaterra. The common thread is that each vineyard lies along the 8th meridian east.

All of the sites come together under the house of Villa Guelpa with its historic cellar in Lessona. Villa Guelpa ferments and ages their wines in cement tanks with the exception of aged reds that are elevated in traditional Slavonian oak barrels. Visitors to Villa Guelpa can also stay in its B&B and experience agro-tourism in style.