Le Colture Vino Spumante Le Colture Vino Spumante Le Colture Vino Spumante "Rosé Brut" Download PDF

Winery Le Colture
Varieties70% Chardonnay / 30% Merlot
Farming Practicesbiodynamic and sustainable
Soilsvarious soils with moraine, sandstone and clay
Harvest Techniqueby hand in October
Year Vines Were Planted30-35 years
FermentationMerlot is pressed to extract some color and then partially fermented in tank / Chardonnay is added and wine completes in Charmat method
Maturationcuvee is prepared with Chardonnay wine for re-fermentation in closed steel vats (charmat method) at controlled temperatures for three months
Filtercross-flow filter
Item NoIT714-NV
Bottle Case12
Country Italy
Region Veneto
Sub-region Valdobbiadene
Le Colture Vino Spumante Le Colture Vino Spumante

“The final result is a sparkling wine brilliant pink in color, with a thin and persistent perlage. It has a good intensity on the nose, featuring small red berries perfumes accompanied by floral notes of rose, bread crust and leaven flavors. The taste is fresh, the foam is creamy with a good acidity, savory in the palate, easy and nice to drink, leaving a dry and persistent final aftertaste. It is recommended as aperitif or to be matched with various dishes, starting from first courses, grilled vegetables, white meats or fish dishes.” More at LeColture.com