Hat Trick Botanical Gin Hat Trick Botanical Gin Hat Trick Botanical Gin Print Sheet

Distillery High Wire Distilling Co.
Spirit StyleGin
Base IngredientsNeutral grain spirit made from 100% corn; whole juniper berries; FRESH lemon and orange peel (to retain essential oils), licorice root, anise root, angelica root, coriander, cardamom
FermentationNo fermentation, but a 24 hour maceration of botanicals in neutral grain spirit. There are two separate macerations: one of only juniper, and one containing the remaining balancing botanicals
Still TypePot-Column Hybrid
Still Size2,000 L copper hybrid still (Kothe)
DistillerScott Blackwell
DistillationMacerations with juniper and balancing botanicals are both re-distilled once separately
FinishingThe two distillates (juniper and other botanicals) are blended prior to proofing
FiltrationLight filtration prior to bottling
% Alcohol44.0%
ProductionSmall batches of roughly 200 cases each
Item NoLQ2103-NV
Country United States
Region South Carolina
Sub-region Charleston
Hat Trick Botanical Gin