Hat Trick Barrel Rested Gin Hat Trick Barrel Rested Gin Hat Trick Barrel Rested Gin Print Sheet

Distillery High Wire Distilling Co.
Spirit StyleGin
Base IngredientsNeutral Grain Spirit made from 100% corn, whole juniper berries, FRESH lemon and orange peel (to retain essential oils), licorice roo, anise root, anjelica root, coriander, cardamom.
FermentationNo fermentation, but a 24 hour maceration of botanicals in nuetral grain spirit
Still TypePot-Column Hybrid
Still Size2,000 L copper hybrid still (Kothe)
DistillerScott Blackwell
DistillationJuniper is redistilled once individually and the other botanicals are redistilled once
CooperageVirgin, charrd oak barrels
Maturation6 months
FinishingThe two distillates (juniper and other botanicals) are blended prior to proofing
FiltrationLight filtration prior to bottling
% Alcohol44.0%
ProductionSmall batches of roughly 200 cases each
Item NoLQ2104-NV
Country United States
Region South Carolina
Sub-region Charleston
Hat Trick Barrel Rested Gin

Hat Trick Gin is made with crushed juniper berries and fresh lemon and orange peel, creating a bright and classic London Dry style gin. Balancing botanicals include licorice root, angelica root, coriander and cardamom. The gin is then aged in virgin charred oak barrels for 6 months.