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Winery Gota Wines
Varieties35% Loureiro / 25% Pedernã / 25% Trajadura / 15% Azal
Farming Practicespracticing organic
Trellis systempergola and single cordon Royat
Hectares/Acres30 thousand small grower’s plots
Harvest Techniquehand harvested in 2nd week of September at 11° potential alcohol
Fermentationfermented in concrete tank
Maturationstays on lees in concrete till bottling
Item NoP850
Bottle Case12
Country Portugal
Region Minho
Sub-region Vinho Verde
Gota Azahar Vinho Verde

About Azahar

“Vinho Verde is clearly unique in the world. From the evergreen region, where the temperatures are never too high, rainfall on the 1500mm average and high humidity, around 30 thousand small growers take care of their small plots of land where beside the grapes kiwi is grown. Our wine comes from vineyards 15km close to Atlantic. Those conditions create acidic but subtle, fresh and fruity wines, and Azahar is the perfect example of what the region is capable of.”

“Beyond almonds and olives, the Moors also gave Portugal fragrant orange trees. Come Spring, these delicate white flowers perfume the entire country, this is why we named the wine Azahar, meaning citrus flower in Arabic. Bright and lively with delicate orange blossom aromas, green fruit flavors and vibrant minerality, consider this your summer relaxing wine.”

– Winemaker’s notes