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Winery Giulia Negri
SupplierKermit Lynch Wine Merchant
Farming Practicespracticing organic with certification expected for 2019
Soilsclay, loam, and marl
Hectares/Acres1.0 ha
Harvest Techniquehand harvested
Year Vines Were Planted2003
Fermentationfermentation in 60HL conical oak vats for 40 days
Maturation30 months in 25HL Slavonian oak barrels
Item NoITKL7003
Bottle Case12
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Sub-region Barolo
Giulia Negri Barolo Serradenari

Giulia Negri inherited a well-established Barolo estate at the age of twenty-four. While she hailed from a 150-year-old line of Langhe growers in the commune of La Morra, she brings a refreshingly artisanal sensibility to Barolo based on her viticulture studies, her immersion into the wines and winemaking of Burgundy, and a thirteen-year long period of experimentation of producing microcuvées before assuming full control of all vineyard management and production in 2014.

The Negri vineyards are situation in the Serradenari cru of La Morra, occupying the coveted position of the highest point in Barolo that top off at an elevation of 536 meters. This altitude, coupled with a complex mosaic of soils unique to this portion of the Langhe, sets the stage for Giulia to create Barolos that marry delicate floral aromas and elegant fruit with a deep mineral structure. The tannins are both fine-grained and tightly-knit producing seductive wines that charm in their youth and the potential for extended aging. Negri’s unique approach to these ancient terroirs and her espousal of traditional methods extend to sustainable viticulture, hand harvesting, the eschewal of commercial yeasts and other additives, long but gentle macerations, and aging in botti grandi. Giuglia Negri has already established herself as one of the region’s classics with many vintages to come.