Garciarevalo Tres Olmos Verdejo Rueda 2014 Garciarevalo Tres Olmos Verdejo Rueda 2014 Garciarevalo Tres Olmos Verdejo Rueda 2014 Download PDF

Winery Bodegas y Viñedos Garciarevalo
SupplierDe Maison Selections
Farming PracticesLutte Raisonnée
Trellis systemgoblet
Altitude900 meters
Harvest Techniqueby hand
Year Vines Were Planted1875
Fermentationspontaneous fermentation in stainless steel
Maturationaged 6 months on the lees
Item NoSP892-14
Bottle Case12
Country Spain
Region Castilla y Leon
Sub-region Rueda
Garciarevalo Tres Olmos Verdejo Rueda 2014

If you visit their vineyards you may notice the sandy soils scattered with the occasional ancient seashell, which might make you forget that these vineyards are located in central Spain, at an elevation of 900 meters. These sandy soils provided a natural protection from phylloxera when the pest spread across the region about 100 years ago. Ranging from 100 to 145 years old, many of those vines still grow today. Since the winery was first established in 1991 the Arevalo family has been using these old vines in their Verdejo/Viura blend for their Casamaro cuvée.

In the past few years they have started to explore the possibility of harnessing the potential of these old vines, this idea came into fruition in 2006 with the first vintage of Tres Olmos. Sourced from a selection of the highest quality old-vine sites, this cuvee is fermented in stainless steel using only indigenous yeasts. This approach ensures that the wine adheres to the natural qualities that present themselves in these marvelous sites. More at