Gallinas y Focas Tierra de Mallorca Gallinas y Focas Tierra de Mallorca Gallinas y Focas Tierra de Mallorca Download PDF

Winery 4Kilos Vinícola
Varieties100% Manto Negro
Farming Practicespracticing organic
Soilscalcareous clay with boulders
Hectares/Acres4.5 ha
Harvest Techniquehand harvested
Yeastselected natural
Fermentationstainless steel
Maturation18 months: 12mo. in 500L French oak barrels, 6 in 4000L French oak foudre; 6 in bottle
Item NoSP470
Bottle Case12
Country Spain
Region Mallorca
Sub-region Tierra de Mallorca
Gallinas y Focas Tierra de Mallorca

‘Gallinas y Focas’ or 'Hens and Seals' is a wine rich in human content, the fruit of a collaboration between amadip.esment and 4kilos vineyard. amadip.esment is an organization for people with mental disabilities, who along with their families get to enjoy an improved quality of life and share the same opportunities as other citizens. 4 kilos and amadip.esment collaborate on this project in which those with disabilities are the protagonists who fully participate in the wine making process.