Forlorn Hope Forlorn Hope Forlorn Hope "Dragone Ramato" Pinot Gris Rorick Family Vineyard Download PDF

Winery Forlorn Hope Wines
VarietiesPinot Gris
Farming Practicesdry farmed and practicing organic
Soilsschist layer over dolomite-rich limestone
Harvest Techniqueby hand
Year Vines Were Planted10 years old
Fermentationwhole clusters placed in fermenter with daily pigeage / wine is racked to neutral barrels after 14 days / racked off of lees at 4 months and returned to clean barrels for 6 more
Maturation10 months in neutral 227L oak barriques
Item NoT040420
Bottle Case12
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Calaveras County
Forlorn Hope

“Grown on the Rorick estate vineyard in Calaveras County, on soils comprised of a layer of schist over dolomite-rich limestone. Elevation of the vineyard is 2000’. The name ‘Dragone Ramato’ contains both an indication of the style of the wine as well as a historical nod to one of the families that lived on our estate in the early 1900s. ‘Ramato’, translating to ‘copper’ from the Italian, is a traditional style of wine in the Veneto, where Pinot grigio is fermented on the skins as one would make a red wine and results in a lightly colored wine which will become more copper hued as it ages. The Dragone family lived on the western end of what is now the RHV estate where our Pinot Gris is now planted, and their memory is carried on in the name that this wine bears.” - Winemaker’s notes