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Distillery Arcane Distilling
Spirit StyleLiqueur
Base IngredientsIndustry City Distillery Technical Reserve; 20 different herbs and spices including fresh peppermint, gentian root, bitter orange peel, and several varieties of hops; invert sugar
DistillerDave Kyrejko
% Alcohol39.0%
Item NoLQ502-NV
Country United States
Region New York, New York
Sub-region Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Arcane Fernet
Dave Kyrejko, also of Industry City Distillery fame, started experimenting with making a fernet as the result of a dare.  With the release of this amaro, it's fair to say he won the bet (the prize was a beer).  Arcane is formulated to optimize the digestive properties of fernets with a focus on peppermint and gentian.  However, it won't take a dare to drink it - Dave specifically designed this amaro to be less bracing and medicinal than its competitors, while still using less sugar, allowing for a lighter and fresher experience.