F-80 Coffee Liqueur F-80 Coffee Liqueur F-80 Coffee Liqueur Print Sheet

Distillery Firelit Spirits
Spirit StyleLiqueur
Base IngredientsFair trade coffee beans; high proof sugar cane spirit, organic raw sugar cane juice
ProcessingCoffee beans are hand roasted then immediately ground and cold steeped for 18 hours; cold brew is strained off and blended with high proof cane sugar spirit infused with coffee beans
DistillationJeff Kessinger
MaturationCoffee/rum is aged in stainless steel tanks for one month
FinishingCoffee/rum is proofed with another batch of cold-brewed coffee and raw sugar cane juice
% Alcohol40.0%
Item NoLQ2501-NV
Country United States
Region California
Sub-region Napa Valley
F-80 Coffee Liqueur F-80 Coffee Liqueur