El Barro Destilado de Agave El Barro Destilado de Agave El Barro Destilado de Agave Download PDF

Distillery Cuentacuentos Mezcal
Spirit StyleDestilado de Agave
Base Ingredients100% Espadín
ProcessingAgave is wood-roasted in conical hornos and crushed by a mule-driven tahona
FermentationFermented in wooden tanks
Still TypeCopper pot stills for the first distillation, and clay pot stills for the second distillation
DistillerRicardo Ruíz
FinishingProofed with well water
% Alcohol46%
Production120 liters/batch
Item NoLQ8500-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Sub-region Santiago Matatlán
El Barro Destilado de Agave

The El Barro expression is a declassified Mezcal made by Ricardo Ruiz in Santiago Matatlán. Copper-distilled ordinario is distilled for a second time in clay pots, making it one of the only clay-distilled mezcales to come from this village.