Domaine Gentile Muscat VDL Domaine Gentile Muscat VDL Domaine Gentile Muscat VDL "Cuvée Authentica" Corsica 2013 Download PDF

Winery Domaine Gentile
Farming PracticesEcocert certified organic
Soilsclay and limestone
Hectares/Acres1.5 ha. across 2 plots / yielding 25hL per ha.
Harvest Techniqueharvested and sorted by hand
Fermentationdestemmed and direct pressed to temperature-controlled stainless steel tank
Maturation4-10 months in stainless steel on the lees
Sulfur100mg total SO2
Filteryes, cross-flow filtration
Item NoFR6507-13
Bottle Case6
Country France
Region Corsica
Domaine Gentile Muscat VDL

The Domaine Gentile estate is undergoing a constant state of transformation under the leadership of Jean-Paul Gentile. Jean-Paul joined his parents in 1994 after completing his studies in Oenology and has instilled a philosophy of constant improvements in quality and sustainability. Gentile strives to be conscientious of the environment believing that organic farming and winemaking is rewarded with a better wine in the end. In the vineyard, Gentile uses reasoned and limited treatments but never uses herbicides. Seeking a deeper standard than is required of organic certification, Jean-Paul has avoided the use of copper as years pass. Instead, he has used a combination of orange zest, horsetail, and clay to dry the vines leaves to control rot and mildew. This addresses the conditions that lead to disease pressure rather than trying to kill off the mold and other harmful microbes. Yields are limited, machines are used less every year in the vineyard, and all harvesting and sorting is done by hand. In the cellar, the process adheres to the standards of modern organic winemaking, so the wines aren't just made with organic grapes. Additionally the cellar is underground to create an efficient environment for the wines with regulated temperatures and humidity.

Late harvested Muscat. Unlike some other styles of Muscat sweet wines from Corsica, the Muscat VDL “Cuvée Authentica” is not fortified. Alcoholic fermentation is halted with a cold shock in temperature-controlled tanks. The finished wine is fresh and elegant.