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Winery Domaine Fichet
Farming PracticesLutte Raisonnée
Soilsclay limestone
Trellis systemGuyot
Hectares/Acres4 ha
Harvest Techniquemechanical
Year Vines Were Planted1983
Fermentationstainless steel
Maturation10 to 12 months in stainless steel / 6 months on lees
Item NoFR283
Bottle Case12
Country France
Region Burgundy
Sub-region Mâcon Burgy
Domaine Fichet Macon-Burgy

“10 km in the North of Igé, the vineyard of Burgy account 5 ha among which 3 are assembled for this vintage. Soils argilo-limestone, and exposure northwest in hillside, the maturities are later than on Igé, but with the climate of today, we always obtain from very beautiful maturity. It is only since 2005 that we produce on Burgy. Wine making in tank in 100 % and breeding on fine dregs of 6 months, make of this vintage a beautiful typical complexity of Mâconnais.” More at

Olivier Fichet stands almost alone in the town of Igé. He is one of the only three producers in the village; the other two are the town’s cooperative and one other winemaker that simply bottles for local consumption.

Domaine Fichet was born in 1976 when Francis Fichet (Olivier’s father) withdrew from the town co-op and began to make wines from his estate vineyards. In their youth, Olivier and his brother, Pierre-Yves, worked side-by-side with their father; tending to the vines and land they own today. In 1990, the brothers took full control of the winery and began to broaden the domaine’s holdings: Olivier is in charge of all the winemaking and vinification, while Pierre-Yves handles all the vineyard work.

Olivier Fichet has devoted his life to farming and growing the reputation of his beloved vineyards in the Mâconnais. Since taking over from their father, the brothers have increased the size of the vineyards from 11 to 20 hectares and raised the quality level of their wines significantly.

The lieu di “Chateau London” is one of the oldest and most reputable terroir in the Mâconnais. This is due largely to its unique, white-limestone content in the chalk and clay and to the microclimate which brings extra humidity and morning fog. Francis Fichet was one of the first to plant Pinot Noir in the highly Chardonnay-dominant region. His original plantings are now over 30 years old and are blended with Pinot that Pierre-Yves planted in 1994. This is a very high quality at this price