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Winery Bodegas Ponce
Farming Practicespracticing organic
Harvest Techniquehand harvested
Year Vines Were Planted1965
Yeastselected natural
Fermentationused oak
Maturation7 months
Item NoSP490
Bottle Case12
Country Spain
Region Jumilla
Bodegas Ponce Depaula Monastrell

Manchuela, a lesser-known Spanish wine region that is inland from Valencia, is where the Bobal varietal thrives, Known for its thick skins and rusticity, controlling the Bobal’s vigor is what makes for a well-balanced and interesting wine. While there are very few defenders of this region and even fewer winemakers that are dedicated to this varietal, Juan Antonio Ponce stands proud as a master and interpreter of the Bobal grape.

Juan Antonio Ponce began his winery in 2005, at the age of 23. He works biodynamically in the vineyard, and in the winery he takes a natural approach, using low levels of sulfur dioxide. His philosophy is to make natural wines with wild yeast fermentation, to respect the local varietal Bobal and to express its terroir.

The winemaking process begins with hand harvesting. The bunches of grapes are then chilled to 8 °C and fermented whole-bunch, with the stems, in a type of fermentation known as “remango,” which was once popular in Rioja.

Juan Antonio Ponce worked as the right-hand man to Telmo Rodriguez at Cia de Vinos Telmo Rodrigues for 5 years. During this time he was in charge of winemaking, vineyard management, etc.

His father, who owned some land in Manchuela, decided to start this project with him.