Corvers-Kauter Corvers-Kauter Corvers-Kauter "Alte Reben Vom Loess Spatlese" 2012 Download PDF

Winery Corvers-Kauter
Farming Practicesundergoing organic certification
Harvest Techniqueby hand
Year Vines Were Planted1985
Fermentationtemperature-controlled stainless steel tank
Maturation9 months in stainless steel
Item NoG0152-12
Bottle Case12
Country Germany
Region Rheingau

The Corvers-Kauter estate is located in the municipality Oestrich-Winkel in the German wine-growing region Rheingau, and is led by Dr. Matthias and Brigitte Corvers. Representing the link between local, original "peasant" wine growing traditions and rustic taverns, Corvers-Kauter represents two long-established wine growing families. The Kauter family, at home in the quaint village of Winkel, boasts a history of some 250 years of winemaking, while the Corvers family, originally from Rüdesheim, reaches back equally as far.

The vineyards here cover 12 hectares and are planted to Riesling (75%), Pinot Noir varieties, and a rare Red Riesling. Sun-kissed vineyards with steep slopes and residual slate soil lend their Rüdesheim und Assmanshausen wines fine fruit flavors, elegance and flair, while deep loess-clay and quartzite soils shape their wines from Winkel, Mittelheim and Oestrich, where most of their grapes grow. The wines, ranging from spicy fruit to full-bodied with abundant extracts, are complex and rich.

Practicing environmentally friendly viticulture, Matthias selectively harvests grapes that are then gently pressed. The white wines are fermented cool and slow and are aged on their lees in stainless steel.  Coaxing out the hidden secrets of the vineyards in Oestrich and Winkel, in Mittelheim and Rüdesheim, and coupling them in harmony with culinary delights, Matthias cares for the wines at every stage of growth, giving every vintage his own personal signature.