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Distillery Cinco Sentidos
Spirit StyleAgave Distillate
Base IngredientsSierra Negra (Agave Americana)
ProcessingCooked in an earthen oven with encino oak and river rocks, then mashed by hand with wooden mallets
FermentationIn stone tanks, encouraged by the addition of tepehuaje bark
Still TypeClay pot still
DistillerAlberto Martinez Lopez
% Alcohol49.5%
Production181 bottles
Item NoLQ4002-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Cinco Sentidos Sierra Negra

Alberto Martinez Lopez has been distilling agave spirits for nearly three decades. He and his son-in-law Reynaldo distill the massive agave Sierra Negra (A. Americana) in their traditional palenque in Santa Catarina Albarradas, Oaxaca.  Alberto and Reynaldo harvest cultivated Sierra Negra that take twelve to fifteen years to reach their maturity. Once harvested, Alberto bakes the agave in an earthen oven lined with river rocks , palm mats, and banana leavesfor a week.  He and Reynaldo subsequently mash the cooked agave by hand with wooden mallets, before they set it in stone tanks and let it ferment naturally.  

The elevation in Santa Catarina is approximately 7,500 feet above sea level, which leads to cold nights. In order to jump start and stabilize the fermentation, Alberto will add ground "tepehuaje" bark to the fermentationthe bark is a natural source of nitrogen and enables fermentation to take place in colder temperatures. He believes this is one of the most crucial elements that makes his spirit stand out.  

Once fermented, the mash and tepache are double-distilled in clay pot stills at Alberto's palenque, La Escondida.