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Distillery Cinco Sentidos
Spirit StyleAgave distillate
Base IngredientsEspadín
ProcessingAgave is roasted in an underground oven and hand mashed with wooden mallets
FermentationSpontaneous fermentation in pine tanks with well water
Still TypeClay pot stills
DistillerTío Pedro
FinishingThe mezcal is proofed with the tails from the distillation
% Alcohol49%
Production66 liters
Item NoLQ4003-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Cinco Sentidos Espadín Cinco Sentidos Espadín

This NY-only 66-liter batch is distilled by Tío Pedro, a 72-year old maestro who has been making mezcal for over 5 decades in Santa Catarina Minas. His small palenque, La Esperanza, is less than a decade old. Before having his own palenque, he worked for other mezcaleros, with his most recent job being with Lorenzo Angeles of the famed Real Minero brand.

This batch is made entirely from mature, cultivated agave Espadín that was harvested approximately 5,100 feet above seal level in Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. Tío Pedro cooked 8 piñas in an underground conical oven with guamuchil and encino for five days. This maestro mezcalero makes extremely small batches and often does not blend between the one fermenting tank and other. This bottling is a single-tina batch, which is very rare for Espadín.

This Espadín has a banana Laffy Taffy nose, hints of menthol, and on the palate a distinct savory barbecue smokiness, cinnamon, tobacco, cherry cordial, roasted plantains, and a pronounced but balanced mineral texture. This mezcal is also proofed with the tails of distillation, which results in a fuller mouthfeel and more acidity.