Cinco Sentidos Bicuixe Madrecuixe Cinco Sentidos Bicuixe Madrecuixe Cinco Sentidos Bicuixe Madrecuixe Download PDF

Distillery Cinco Sentidos
Spirit StyleAgave Distillate
Base IngredientsBicuixe and Madrecuixe (Agave Karwinskii)
ProcessingCooked in an earthen oven and tahona-milled
FermentationSpontaneous fermentation in pine and cypress tanks
Still TypeCopper pot stills
DistillerAtenogenes and José
MaturationRested in glass jugs prior to bottling
% Alcohol48.1%
Item NoLQ4004-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Cinco Sentidos Bicuixe Madrecuixe

Cultivated Madrecuixe and wild Bicuixe (A. Karwinskii) are agaves endemic to Oaxaca. Atenogenes and José cultivate and harvest their own Madrecuixe outside of San Isidro Guishe, where their small palenque, El Labrador, is located. The agave hearts are cooked in an earthen oven for five days, then left to rest alongside the oven for a few days until small fungi begin to form, acting as a pre-ferment for the cooked piñas. The father and son team mash their agave with a tahona that is pulled by a bull, and ferment the resulting mash with tepache, a bark that helps kick-start fermentation at higher elevation and colder temperatures. After fermentation in pine and cypress tanks, the spirit is double-distilled copper pot stills. Between the two of them, father and son distill about 2,000 liters annually, usually from agaves Espadín, Bicuixe, and Madrecuixe; 2 batches of the year are pure Madrecuixe. The mash is fermented with local well water that gives their spirits a distinct local minerality. Once distilled, the spirit is rested in glass jugs before bottling.