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Distillery Cañada
Spirit StyleRum
Base Ingredients100% sugarcane juice from high altitude (760m - 1,180m ASL) sugar cane
ProcessingMechanically crushed on site before getting gravity fed to the distillery
FermentationAmbient fermentation for 7-10 days
Still TypeCustom Krassel Still
DistillerThe Krassel brothers
DistillationSingle distillation to proof
% Alcohol53%
Item NoLQ4099-NV
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Sub-region Santa María Tlalixtac
Cañada Aguardiente de Oaxaca

Deep in the mountains of Oaxaca, a six hour drive from the city, the Krassel family has been making agricole-style rums for the last three generations. “Jaba” sugarcane is harvested on the mountainsides along the town of Santa María Tlalxitac from anywhere between 760m and 1180m above sea level. The sugarcane is manually harvested and mechanically crushed, and the cane juice is gravity-fed to the distillery.

After a 7-10 day fermentation, the tepache is distilled to proof on a custom pot-column hybrid still. The aguardiente is rested in glass for several weeks before bottling and labeling