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Distillery Bull Run Distilling
Spirit StyleBourbon
Base IngredientsMore than 60% corn, more than 20% rye, and less than 10% malted barley purchase from Great Western Malting
Still TypeSteel column still
Still Size700 gallons
DistillerLee Medoff
CooperageChar #3 New American Oak from Kelvin Cooperage
MaturationAged for four years in new American oak
FiltrationChill filtered
% Alcohol44% ABV
Item NoLQ7000-NV
Country United States
Region Oregon
Sub-region Portland
Bull Run Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Before Bull Run became a distillery, they were tracking down barrels of whiskey and settling themselves up as merchant bottlers. From these travels came Bull Run Straight Bourbon Whiskey which started as a small one-off project but quickly became the anchor of the Merchant Bottling Expressions. Bull Run’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey is selected from a stock of four year old whiskey before getting proofed down with water from Bull Run Reservoir and bottled.