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Distillery Bull Run Distilling
Spirit StyleWhiskey
Base Ingredients100% malted barley from Klamath Basin
FermentationThe wash is fermented using ale yeast, resulting in pronounced fruit esters
Still TypeSteel column still
Still Size700 gallon
DistillerLee Medoff
CooperageNew American oak
Maturation6 years
FiltrationChill filtered
% Alcohol44.5%
Item NoLQ7003-NV
Country United States
Region Oregon
Sub-region Portland
Bull Run Single Malt Whiskey

Bull Run Distillery began with the goal of making a truly Whiskey. A whiskey that would reflect the place where it is made and the influences that guided its vision.

Their goal was to create nothing less than a new style of American Whiskey. The Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is made from 100% malted barley from the Klamath Basin and brought up in new American oak barrels influenced through the years by Western Oregon’s four distinct seasons. This whiskey is the culmination of the combination of grain, wood, time and Portland.