Bull Run Regnig Dag Aquavit Bull Run Regnig Dag Aquavit Bull Run Regnig Dag Aquavit Download PDF

Distillery Bull Run Distilling
Spirit StyleAquavit
Base Ingredients100% neutral corn spirit, star anise, coriander, and caraway
ProcessingBotanicals are infused together in 120 proof neutral grain spirit for 24 hours, then re-distilled
Still TypeSteel column still
Still Size700 gallon
DistillerLee Medoff
CooperageUse Pinot Noir barrels
Maturation6 months
FiltrationChill filtered
% Alcohol45%
Item NoLQ7004-NV
Country United States
Region Oregon
Sub-region Portland
Bull Run Regnig Dag Aquavit

The Regnig Dag (which translates to rainy day in Swedish) Aquavit is distilled using caraway, star anise and coriander seed then aged in Oregon wine barrels for 6 months – just long enough to allow the spirit to mellow, absorb some subtle wine notes and pick up a beautiful golden hue.